About passions in motion – BMW Welt/Museum Munich

I often get inspired by things that bring out the passion in day-to-day activities – personal or professional. I feel the need to capture the moment once it’s there and point out (even if only to me for a second) the meaningful essence of it.


Constantly defining and redefining experiences by how much joy they bring into our lives, the size of the smile they put on our faces, the warm intensity and familiar feeling they attach us to.

I’m spending one of the last days of 2017 by reflecting on a few of the experiences I’ve had throughout the year.


I’ve always had a passion for cars and since I can really call this year a wild ride, I’m sharing in this post a few thoughts on the BMW Museum, as just a couple of hours spent there while strolling in Munich were a good refuel for the rest of my trip.

I’ve pulled out a few of my favourite photos, so here are the moments as seen through the lens of an enthusiast:


Catching genuine and authentic vibes has been one of my goals this year. Seeing how the BMW Welt/Museum have been successfully blending innovation in technology, lifestyle and ultimately personal experiences caught all my attention from the start.


A special place was saved for Elvis Presley’s BMW 507 – an exclusive space that was all about stories: the legend, the fame and the restoration – all wrapped around this sensational roadster model.


IMG-0356 (1)

(November) 2017, thank you for the ride!

To new adventures,



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