I’m enthusiastically bringing into the spotlight the recurring words that have made their way through this last year, like a magnet to a simple and gentle way of living, understanding and expressing ideas.

There’s a corner on my desk that brightens up my mornings and often reminds me throughout the day of the flow of positive interactions and how our own perceptions can unveil or even influence the beauty we see all around us.



There was a corner on another desk, in a different country, that greeted me last June with the same words that made it all seem incredibly familiar. Luckily enough, it speaks louder than words about positive interactions, about a certain feeling you come across and want to bring it wherever you find yourself.


Live on fresh perspectives and easy, natural moments


After all, good vibes can shake up an outlook and switch an attitude in such a brilliant way – it’s all in a mindset, it’s what we surround ourselves with and store within.


Now giving more credit to these words I see everyday, linking this to a stylish version, with a fabulous visual impact as I like to see it – this makes it even more appropriate for a golden rule effect.

Good Vibes earrings (


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