Stop for a minute: Qreator by iQOS

The Oromolu villa, built in 1927, is now hosting a new identity – Qreator by iQOS. It is the type of building that catches your attention in one of the busiest areas of Bucharest, its uniqueness comes from a blend of historical and fine architectural details. Now a place for creative initiatives, meetings or simply some quiet moments spent in one of the rooms, each having a mix of natural elements and technology at your fingertips.

My personal favourite, the Relaxation room is a space of comfort, with access to books about movies, music, arts, fashion and style and magazines such as Vogue and Monocle.

I’ve spent almost 2 hours browsing books and making plans to return and read the other ones on my wishlist.

I’m happy to be able to visit this place in Bucharest, a creative hub that aims at supporting new ideas, events and collaborations – all in a beautiful building that sets a different tone as soon as you step in.

The great part is that it has a free and easy access to everyone, no special conditions, no dress code 🙂

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