Digital Divas Awards ‘18

A few words about last night’s event, which marked another edition of the Digital Divas gathering – a gala meant to recognize the most active bloggers (fashion and beauty) and not only.

Some of the most involved Romanian bloggers and content creators in social media for fashion&beauty were on the stage last night and created a cool environment for promoting online projects and encouraging their creative and innovative side.

It was good to see the effervescent setting for this gala (enthusiastic participants and a series of stylish outfits), the diversity of the ideas shared throughout online channels (blog, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), which creates a certain dynamic in this area. It shows interest, variety and an always changing scene.

Aside from this, a special place within the categories goes to the AVON AWARD FOR SOCIAL CAUSES, showing recognition not only for the fashion and beauty industry and the content directed towards this, but also to the human touch, to what the audience can reach through online articles, in an authentic way – genuinely caring and raising awareness.

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