Beau Nash – tales and silver linings in Bath

Having spent the past week in Bath, UK, I’ve had the chance to explore a few places that have caught my eye and inspired refinement and sophistication in a rather simple way, their exquisiteness speaking for itself.

Located between the Royal Crescent (a 250-year old impressive representation of Georgian architecture) and The Circus (named as the third prettiest street in the country), Beau Nash is a bold mix of elegant design and exclusive, shiny, individualised silver items. The store specializes in buying/selling antique silverware and exceptional, statement pieces of vintage decor.


The name of the store has its origins in the fame of the original dandy – Beau Nash – master of ceremonies and figure of fashion in 18th century Britain, the Georgian period.

Among the beautiful objects, the place is far from the traditional antiques, silverware shop,  they also encourage using the items as the best way to keep them in their original, best looking shape, not merely placing them on a shelf.

The most important lesson that is reflected by the business is the fact that the pieces of silver coming from the past (colonial ages) were made to last for long periods of time and with a real purpose.

There is something about the stories that come with each object, the oldest ones (17th, 18th century engraved silverware – photo below) have a meaning attached to them that adds to their uniqueness and goes beyond their clean and well kept appearance.


The story I’ve enjoyed the most was that of a pot brought from South America, an example of colonial silver, used for preparing and serving hot chocolate during those times. Now it still looks as new and its background shines brighter as an undeniable proof of history.


Adding to them a range of statement pieces of interior decoration, such as the Rolls Royce Turbo Fan Table (photo below), luggage, nautical and early 20th century automobiles (a late 1930s Bugatti model).




Discussing with Ron (co-owner) and Will, their response came naturally when asked about the secret of long lasting success in their business: honesty.  This is the foundation on which they have built their relationships with their customers – honesty in bringing these authentic, beautiful objects and their tales to light, continuing their course in different parts of the world and making this one of the greatest examples of well traveled history pieces.


The owners are always keeping an eye up for new entries for the shop and I can only imagine what exquisite items will find a place in one of the current display corners.

Entering the Beau Nash store is a genuine experience, a journey, bringing any visitor closer to the value of each article, be it historical, meaningful or simply alluring. Plus, it is more than meets the eye and wouldn’t this be the main outstanding feature you would look for in a antiques and fusion shop?

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