Grace & Ted – the beauty of pre-loved fashion statements

In the elegant city of Bath, I’ve found a place that I would revisit every time I’d have the chance. Right as I walked in for the first time, the Grace & Ted boutique looked impeccable and refined with its two-floor space, filled with couture stories – designer clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.



As we are talking more about sustainable fashion, styling and restyling older pieces of clothing with an attitude, Sharon and Emma (mother and daughter team) reinterpreted the place a few years ago. The store itself was already established as a dress agency in Bath, a boutique, a space that is for four decades dedicated to clothing and retail.


The collections you can find in the shop are a unique mix of pre-owned luxury brand items and everywhere you look around, you can find a corner that is either creatively decorated or holds a spot for a glamorous dress, an elegant suit or a delicate shirt.


Talking about creative design, how beautiful is this fitting room?


In the photos below, I’m wearing an Yves Saint Laurent jacket and a paper-thin Marni coat.


Along with the glamour and the stylish blend of patterns, textures that have caught my attention, it was also inspiring to meet the two owners, actively involved offline and online (you can check out their online store, Twitter and Instagram accounts) in this independent business example. Emma’s (photo below, left) enthusiasm and active presence on social media makes a difference for Grace & Ted in the digitalized fashion and retail environment.


I love how the essence of the shop is the true value – be it the high quality, designer label and fabrics or the personalized effect brought by statement accessories.

Grace & Ted makes it easier for fashion to evolve and also revolve by making the authentic, pre-owned top designer brand clothes more affordable, in a friendly and stylish space.

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